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(disclaimer: I have said and done some extremely ignorant and offensive things in my past, but you LEARN FROM those mistakes and realize that you’re wrong. When you’re in the public eye and known by millions you don’t pull shit like this. lol @ people who praise her for being so ‘intelligent’)

i am so disgusted right now I can’t even verbalize it. believe me when I say that in Toronto and surrounding areas, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and their actions are certainly not a joke nor will they ever will be. fuck this stupid person. fuck her.

…just when I couldn’t be even more disgusted! I remember the Bernardo and Homolka case..and to fucking joke about that? She can miss me with that shit. Fuck. Her.

not to mention the fucking shitty bottom photo which i missed the first time i reblogged this because i got so violently angry about her joking about that case omfg… i met Debbie Mahaffy (Leslie Mahaffy’s mother) when she came to talk at my school and I just… THIS IS NOT A FUCKING JOKE. How can you call yourself a feminist when you’re JOKING ABOUT THE RAPE AND MURDER OF YOUNG WOMEN?

She’s only a feminist when it benefits her somehow. Other than that? Everything seems to be fair fucking game. smh

Let me reiterate that this waste of air is being celebrated by idiot fauxmenists all aver the U.S. Also: I always hated Mindy Kaling. Listen to her standup and watch her show - she’s a terrible person. Neither deserve success or happiness.

You have got to be kidding me

Tumblr finds some celeb you like (Mindy K) and shows you a gif of her shooting a cat in the face.

wow what in the actual fuck mindy kaling? and this dunham asswipe needs to find a rock to hide under.

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    one of the memphis three’s lawyers came to give a talk at our summer program when i was in high school. they spend over...
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    Not surprised about Dunham ( also can we talk about the irony of Tina Fey, a notorious slut shaming racist fauxminist,...
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    I feel horrible for not even NOTICING the extremely racist bottom photo the first time I saw this post but the...
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    Lord Jesus I didn’t even know about the Homolka tweet, and noooooope. 9000% done with Lena Dunham now, I thought I was...
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    wow what in the actual fuck mindy kaling? and this dunham asswipe needs to find a rock to hide under.
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