i can see my nieces doing this.

i can see my nieces doing this.

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[Description: Photo of a bunch of succulents.]


[Description: Photo of a bunch of succulents.]

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"Where is the line between fiction and history for a people whose histories have been blown off the face of the earth by slavery, by genocide, by colonialism, by the horror regimes and the endless erasures and calumnies of modernity? What is history to those who live in the amnesiatic heart of that great trauma we now euphemistically call the New World?"

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Poverty ‘ages’ genes of young children, study shows 


The stress of growing up in a poor and unstable household affects children as young as 9 years old on a genetic level, shortening a portion of their chromosomes that scientists say is a key indicator of aging and illness, according to a study released Monday. The researchers say their findings are the first that document this type of genetic change among minority children, and make a strong case for the importance of early-childhood intervention in vulnerable communities.

Researchers examined the DNA of a small group of 9-year-old African-American boys who had experienced chronic stress as a result of growing up in families with poor socioeconomic status. They found that the boys’ telomeres were shorter than those of boys the same age and ethnicity who came from advantaged families.

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How many rules am I to break before you understand
that your double-standards don’t mean shit to me?
I know exactly what you say when I turn and walk away
but that’s ok cause I don’t let it get it to me

So the moral of this story is: Who are you to judge?
There’s only one true judge, and that’s God
so chill, and let my Father do His job

really tho why does no one talk about how important salt-n-pepa are? this track dropped in 1993 - they’ve been callin bitches out on their bullshit double standards for women waaaaaaay before most of us were even around. this a feminist /anthem/ and if you think any less then i suggest you hit the replay button real quick. 

like damn tho the sheer girl power that these girls preached was unbelievable. “push it” and “let’s talk about sex” both were female power anthems about seizing your sexual identity and not apologizing for shit. they pulled a collab of the fucking century with “whatta man” with en vogue, giving us a prime example of what can happen when to ballin-ass girl groups collide and work with each other, and /NOBODY/ has topped that yet. 

too many of yall are sleepin on the feminist classics that are these wonderful women - pay homage to the hip-hop queens that laid the ground work for all this shit and think about that the next time you wanna try and pit modern day artists against each other to see who’s “the baddest bitch.” you’re not helping anyone with that shitty attitude and not a damn one of these women would thank you for it. 

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"Society demonizes sex workers because they demand more money than women should, for services men expect for free."

Anne McClintock 

that’s it.

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When we gonna call




Skin bleaching body dysmorphia ?

Now Terrell, you know white medicine and psychiatry would never make becoming lighter/whiter unhealthy and something to seek help for.

Tru facts

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Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... 


A must read.

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“The bottom line is that saying there are differences in male and female brains is just not true. There is pretty compelling evidence that any differences are tiny and are the result of environment not biology,” said Prof Rippon.

“You can’t pick up a brain and say ‘that’s a girls brain, or that’s a boys brain’ in the same way you can with the skeleton. They look the same.”

Prof Rippon points to earlier studies that showed the brains of London black cab drivers physically changed after they had acquired The Knowledge – an encyclopaedic recall of the capital’s streets.

She believes differences in male and female brains are due to similar cultural stimuli. A women’s brain may therefore become ‘wired’ for multi-tasking simply because society expects that of her and so she uses that part of her brain more often. The brain adapts in the same way as a muscle gets larger with extra use.

“What often isn’t picked up on is how plastic and permeable the brain is. It is changing throughout out lifetime.

“The world is full of stereotypical attitudes and unconscious bias. It is full of the drip, drip, drip of the gendered environment.”

Prof Rippon believes that gender differences appear early in western societies and are based on traditional stereotypes of how boys and girls should behave and which toys they should play with.


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